Transforming the Watermead Estate

Thursday June 17 2021

London Borough of Hounslow has in recent years been modernising the residential site Watermead Estate in Feltham. As new housing blocks spring up amidst existing ones, the council is making sure all fall within the same material palette, creating a housing complex where all elements are in harmony with each other.

Hounslow Council commissioned partnering main contractor George Jones to take care of improvements to the existing buildings, and they contacted The TP Group to carry out the replacement of flooring at 31-33 Sandy Drive.

During our first site visit with supplier Contar Resins, our aim was to assess the extent of the damage and write a specification that would best serve the community. We soon discovered that the existing flooring was in poor condition, but once that was removed it became obvious that there was an even bigger problem – in some areas, historical water damage had caused the underlying concrete to perish, to the extent that it was beginning to disintegrate.

This required speedy rectification. However, despite the problem being unanticipated, the installation was not slowed down. This is thanks to the Contar fast-curing repair mortar, which dries in 40 minutes, meaning that our specialist applicators lost virtually no time.

After the substrate was fixed, we installed the Contar Dekor Broadcast Flake four-coat system. This was equally a rapid process, as each coat dries in roughly half an hour, causing minimal disturbance to tenants and leaseholders. The flake system has a 10-year guarantee and allows for easy cleaning in the stairwell, helping the caretaking team to keep the floor in great condition for the years to come. Ensuring the stairwell meets current regulations for the partially sighted, we also installed DDA-approved nosings to each step.

The works at Watermead Estate were our second successful installation of Contar floor systems for Hounslow Council. Everyone involved agrees that the installation was so successful it amounts to a real transformation, bringing the older blocks at Sandy Drive up to the standards of the newer, contemporary ones in the area – so much so that we’ve already been asked to write more specifications both for the council and for George Jones. We look forward to further developing these partnerships.