The TikTok star singing the praises of construction trades

Wednesday June 9 2021

While the male-dominated construction sector seeks ways to attract more women into the workforce, one woman is flying the industry’s flag among the younger TikTok generation.

Norfolk bricklayer Darcie Richards, 25, has become a sensation on the social media platform, inspiring young women across the world to join the trade. With her viral videos showing tutorials and funny moments on construction sites, she demonstrates how female labourers are perfectly capable of doing the same jobs as their male counterparts.

Her first video racked up 9.5m views overnight. ‘People just love it, they love to watch that sort of thing’, she comments. ‘I think you could say I’m smashing walls and smashing glass ceilings’, or as one of her followers on TikTok put it, ‘paving the way for females in the industry’.

Starting onsite as a labourer while between jobs, Darcie quickly fell in love with the work, and both her parents were encouraging about her choice. While it’s a dirty job, to Richards that’s irrelevant as you get to be creative and enjoy the outdoors.

For women out there considering getting into any kind of trade, she has this advice: ‘If you’re a hands-on person and you’re creative and you want to be outside, then this is the job for you. It doesn’t matter that it’s stereotypically a man’s job.’ The TP Group couldn’t agree more.