Polymeric Sports Courts/MUGA Pitches


Polymeric Sports Courts/MUGA Pitches

Polymeric Sports Courts and Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA)

MUGA stands for Multi-Use Games Area. MUGA flooring is sports flooring designed to accommodate a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, hockey, netball, and tennis on a single surface with no modification.

MUGA flooring can be specified indoors and outdoors. The only difference between the systems is their permeability. Outdoor MUGA flooring is more permeable so that water can drain away to prevent pooling in wet weather.

It can be made from anything so long as the material accommodates multiple sports. Common materials include synthetic rubber, polyurethane, acrylic, vinyl, polymeric rubber, tarmacadam and artificial grass.

Polymeric rubber offers an open texture, impact absorbing surface with excellent porosity, and is made from black recycled rubber in the base layer before spray coating is applied. Costs are competitive with artificial grasses and have reduced maintenance in comparison.

The cushioned EPDM rubber top surface ensures a long lifespan while ensuring athlete comfort and reducing the instances of muscle fatigue and injury.

MUGA flooring is the perfect surface for any sports court. It’s designed to be durable and elastic, so it can withstand all sorts of high-impact activities without cracking or breaking. Plus, it looks great with its seamless design that doesn’t need to be covered up by mats or other materials.