Hot Applied Mastic Asphalt

Hot Applied Mastic Asphalt

Mastic Asphalt screed is manufactured from selected bitumen’s, limestone filler and specially graded aggregates.

It can be installed to create drainage falls, level out uneven substrates, and provide a stable base for the specified roof /deck waterproofing system.

It is designed for use on all flat roofs, walkways and balconies, car parks and HGV service decks.

It can also be applied to in-situ and pre-cast concrete bases and is suitable for use below cold roofs, insulated warm roofs, inverted insulated roofs, all green roofs, balcony/terrace applications walkways/footbridges and car park/HGV service decks.

The versatility of mastic asphalt is legendary, a reliable well tested product exhibiting all the characteristics of flexibility which is durable, waterproof and has the potential for recycling over and over again.