Plasterer turned seamster won’t be hemmed in by stereotypes

Wednesday July 7 2021

Builder Gary Harris is challenging the stereotypes of the building trade, after turning his hand to sewing during lockdown.

“I don’t really care what people think,” the 64-year-old from Lowestoft, Sussex told the BBC. “Stereotypes should not stop people trying something new.”

When plastering work ground to halt at the height of the Covid-19 outbreak, Gary swapped his bucket and trowel for pins, threads and a sewing machine, and let his creative juices flow.  This more delicate passion, inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee, has given him a personal boost. And he thinks others in the trade would benefit from stepping outside their comfort zones, and experiencing totally different hobbies and skills.

Having worked in building for almost 50 years, Gary loves how sewing allows him to create his own designs, try out different fabrics, and make garments that fit him and his wife Sue really well. He enjoyed doing something less physically demanding too.

Now that construction activity is ramping back up across the UK, those building professionals who have spent the quiet months developing new skills will be at a distinct advantage. Here at The TP Group, we’re mightily impressed by Gary’s fresh thinking and resilient attitude. If our industry can emerge from lockdown stronger and more open-minded, we’ve got the future stitched up.

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